Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition?

Do you want to run better, swim faster, fight stronger, play your sport better and Crossfit better?  We can help you with a tailored program for your specific needs!

Mary Jamieson & Leon Manders



Programming designed to your individual needs, based on your own strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on the need, we will do testing and the program is designed around the feedback we get from the tests done.

Examples include: fitness, injury rehab, gymnastics, weightlifting and accessory work.

to Elite

Strength and conditioning coaches differ from the other trainers in one very important way—the clients they work with are focused on improving their performance or skill in a sport.


Our Coaches

Vast amounts of experience in various sporting codes, areas of movement and fitness, not only in coaching but in competing as well. Our education credentials and experience speak for themselves.

Client Testimonials

"I started programming from Mary and Leon in April 2017 and have been impressed by the results. My strength and gymnastics improved significantly in a 6 month period, especially on key benchmarks. Back squat from 125kg to 140kg, Power Snatch from 60kg to 70 kg, Snatch from 65kg to 74kg, strict pull-ups from 6 to 12 and strict chest-to-bars from 0 to 4. My aerobic capacity also improved and I developed more confidence going into “gassy” workouts, In addition I have received great support and flexibility in my programming due to a busy travel schedule. I always know I will get programming that I can do anywhere in the world with whatever equipment I have available."

Kelly Mealia

I've been on the program since the start of 2017 and I can say it really has improved me as an athlete, went from 539 in region to 87th, improved on my lifts and proficiency on my gymnastics by whole lot. These guys really know what they are doing and put in a lot of effort to help you reach your specific goals. If you want a highly personalized program built around where you are as an athlete and where you want to go, this one is for you!

Alexander Hibbert

I've been active all my adult life competing in cycling (multiple mountain bike stage races) and triathlon (3 full Ironman events and multiple shorter events). Due to injuries I had to undergo hip and knee surgeries and thought I would have to tone down my activities, but with coaching from Systemfit I am now stronger than before and back on the road!

Manie de Bod

I had a Grade 4 ACJ tear, after 3 surgies to correct the problem I failed I was told by doctors that I would be unable to have full range of motion in my shoulder ever again and that any aspirations to be able to do olympic lifting again (over head movements) would be highly improbabile in the future. I was in so much daily pain that I was on anti-inflammatory and S4 schedule painkillers daily, 3 times a day for nearly 2 years. Daily tasks; getting clothes form a hanger or sipmly putting on a jacket was painful. I could not lift my arm obaove 90 degrees that is how immobile I was

That is when I approached Mary with hopes just to get back into training without the intention to be able to lift again, I was just in a bad space not being able to train. Mary then took me under her wing a started writing programming for me with the main focus on rehabilitating the shoulder.

Now in less than a year of working with Mary my condition has improved dramatically, I am able to do olympic movements again; Snatches, Overhead Squats and cleans, something that was believed would not be possible by the Doctors.  I am able to do most training almost pain free where this time a year ago I couldn’t wear a bag over my shoulder due to the pain, my mobility has improved to the extent that I am able to pull ups again, where a year ago I couldn’t lift my arm above my head.

Mary has improved my daily lift drastically, where I can move and function much more comfortably daily. I am also in a much better stage in my life being able to train again at a high intensity, something that effected me greatly, more than one could realise when I was unable to train. I am deeply greatfull to Mary for the care and attention she gives to my programming week in and week out and for restoring balance to my life.

Adrian Zevenster
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